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development is the local website is the "fast and furious", less than 2 years, the country basically every city has its own local network, but which do well again a few? The technical difficulty of the local website, operability attracts countless webmaster want to a cup of soup, ask: your local web search engine keyword ranking first in the local


want to do a website is not easy, want to do a service for the local people where the website is not easy, so should the local website owners do? How should they go to the local site operation


one. Features traction, flow, features, traction, users.

, a local website not to learn other websites, but they should have a core idea and orientation, the local website to attract more users and traffic, what outsiders need? What need characteristics, they need to? Need special resources, one party website if the local snacks, fun play and so on characteristics of products into the site, I believe that outsiders will love, local people will be happy, this is the real traction characteristics. Here I give an example for other sites that have suspected for A5 A5 advertising, why can development up to now, why can attract millions of people, that is the characteristic, I personally think that the A5 feature is


hot A5 forum consists of user traffic A5 website, if a local website did not form a forum at the station? With a local forum to promote the site traffic increase, this is a very good method.


site is relying on the local characteristics, through the characteristic to lure more people into the site, which is called traction Youdao, if your local site is still the same as others sites, no characteristics of section, where the users are not willing to come, so I suggest to open a special column, let more foreigners, local people can be integrated into one, forming a personal flow section, reaching upwards to the site.

two. Information resources are guidance, information is navigation popularity.

The first big thing

a local website every day to do is to adhere to the "information", the information of the latest local local people will be interested in what happened today and come to your website, far away from the local people will be interested to come to your website, for what, homesick! Here are some sites will do very well, I will not explain. What’s more, A5 has done very well in this area. That’s the same user who releases information and chooses good information, so that the information of the website is really the value and content.


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