From the operational point of view talk about coupon play and routines

seemingly small coupons are not simple, it is an economic issue, but also consumer psychology problems, but also operators need to grasp the important operational strategy.

first lead coupons, then orders, almost everyone online shopping fixed process. Whether it is B2B/B2C, or O2O, electronic business platform activities always indispensable coupons figure, and even most of the time, electricity supplier activities can almost equal to coupon activities.

618 or two, 11 or so, as the year and the end of the two electricity supplier ceremony, coupons are flying everywhere.

coupons as an important means of promotion, from 1820s, after the paper coupons to print coupons to the evolution of electronic coupons, now almost everyone can have a coupon trading network platform.

for operators, how to use coupons this tool is an important operational strategy. For the event operation, coupon is a powerful tool for order conversion and pull up the unit price; for the user operation, coupon is an important means of user maintenance and user recall.

today is about how operators use coupons.

coupon basic process

1, how to design coupons

The essence of

1.1 coupons

before designing and making a coupon, operators should first understand that, in essence, coupons are a "price discrimination" strategy.

the price discrimination is the micro economics category, is the price difference between businesses and for different consumer demand, not only violated consumers’ right of equality, also does not violate the principle of reasonable pricing behavior even bargain, but businesses in pursuit of profit maximization.

take a chestnut for example:

assumes that a hamburger costs 5 yuan and is priced at 10 yuan, and the 100 person will accept the price. When the price is 15 yuan, 60 people will accept the price, the former profit is (10-5) × 100=500 yuan; the latter profit is (15-5) × 60=600 yuan. But businesses do not want to give up the other 40 lower willingness to pay consumers, so decided to use 5 yuan coupons to attract them, while the remaining 60 are not sensitive to the price of the consumer still maintain the original price of 15 yuan sales. The business profits for the 60× 1540× 105× 100=800 yuan, reached the maximum.

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different operators, after reading this example, must have different understanding. From the point of view of activity management, at least we can see the strength of the coupon and the influence of the pricing on the conversion

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