How to quickly make money at the local site general chapter

1, there must be a local site,

2, must know how to make money after the site,

3, be sure to know how long this money will last and how long it will take to transition or upgrade its site or make money.

4, be sure to sum up yourself,

5, be sure to bring out your own experience and share

with your friends

began to stand the friends winded a few words

start now,

27149 has been the local site for nearly 10 months, but I have a profit of more than a year, that is 24149 of the construction site and end when it has made a profit, which is an important content to share the experience of today.

27149 do local site, is under a drudgery, this effort is the local market survey, market survey, can not say that the investigation is complete, but at least for the development goal and planning of the site to assist the stage. This is also a local site can quickly make money a decisive factor.

27149 courses are divided into 4 parts, the local site to make money before the preparation; local sites to make money when necessary publicity and momentum; local site after making money services; local site how to make more money;

local site before making money to prepare

1 is the market research

mentioned earlier

investigation of the local mall and how many stores inside the mall, how many of the shop door, what type of business in these businesses do most people, clothing, shoes and hats or other. How often do these bosses know about the Internet, and how often the boss or the boss is in the store? Or how can he get the boss’s contact information?.

2, is the site propaganda material design,


site in the investigation before the function is set up, is two times the development of a multi-user mall, so this time propaganda is not important but is art, publicity page how to do something, or some eye-catching.

3, that is, the market feedback on the site to do to adjust

combined with auxiliary market survey down contacts with publicity page, the site in the market in the use of diagnostic, see how presentation of the site is popular, it is easy to be accepted, timely adjustment of the layout and style of web page, and improve the function requirements of the.

4 is the recruitment of market development personnel

market personnel recruitment is very important function, what kind of personnel fit, hey hey, 27149 in this, but the next enough capital

college students, students graduating soon, and so on, became the pioneer of the 27149 site to develop the market.

5, that is, preheat

> before the war

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