‘m still a station master

today is 3.15, this computer has been with me for one year, and it has been a year since I was a station. I learned a lot of things in a year, very quickly. Begin to do a website I was a little accidentally, but is completely out of love for the computer.

now I spend more than 6 hours online every day, every day will refresh the website, check included and Alexa ranking. I don’t know. I’m not a junior webmaster. I haven’t made any money with a website yet. In order to allow the site to operate, in fact, it can be said to support, I have done a lot of things, such as: help users do pictures, decorative shops, dress up space, the best time to do network maintenance. The money earned is used to promote websites and improve server quality. When it comes to my server is really irritated, do not stand up to a year I had three space, although not expensive, but the quality is really flattered, the industry on this issue I dragons and fishes jumbled together! Do not want to say what, hope you can buy in the space to wipe their eyes open.

student webmasters are miserable at times, weak in power, immature in ability, often in a dilemma between money and technology. Fortunately, the group of webmaster is full of people who are willing to help others. They are eager to help new people and patiently answer their questions. I have always called this spirit "network rider" spirit. From this webmaster, I learned not only the technology, but more valuable is that I understand the true meaning of personal adsense. For personal webmaster, to do their own real interest in the station is the most important, because then you have enough enthusiasm to build, promote, let it grow and grow gradually. Only its own first love it, in order to allow more users to pay attention to it, and thus retain users. Here are some of my personal experience of standing, and share with you:

do stand must be forward-looking, good at discovering the Internet provider. The Internet is a place full of opportunities and miracles.

to do the station to have accurate positioning. Choose the right target population according to your abilities. Must not blindly do the station.

do stand need originality, original content can not only let you retain the user’s eye, but also get the favor of search engines.

do stand need dedication, don’t care too much about input and output, personal webmaster should learn to enjoy the success of the road happiness.

to do the station to keep pace with the times, site building technology, search engine technology is always in progress and progress, for the development of the site, personal Adsense technology and SEO skills is also very important.

above is only my personal point of view, there may be immature, but also please point out.

PS: success is a bit unreal for the student webmaster, if there seems to be none. I hope to have the same experience with the webmaster, to maintain a common heart, enjoy the fun of standing.

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