‘m always copied never surpassed

free online picture generation, in the vertical division of the Internet, my 55.la seems always destined to go a little farther than others. Initially, Cai Liwen with his sharp eyes, without hesitation, put a lot of money, is expected to not profit in three years, creating the first domestic online picture generated website. I did not expect just half a year later, he met with Ali Mama, Taobao, Tencent, Baise, Comsenz mall and other well-known enterprises to cooperate, after one year, the PR value is up to 6, the number of the members reached 200 thousand, the focus of a freeze on it.

some people say that in the Internet world, some secrets are no secret. To tell the truth, not quite agree, but also some truth, cat abuse incident and Choi Jin Sil events are available through human flesh search, the relevant personnel completely unmasked background, contact, and business competition, business model to copy? What fame, a follower of the nest, the phenomenon has long been accustomed to don’t blame.

imitation is a kind of learning, innovation is also a kind of learning, learning allows imitation, but more needs innovation. In innovation, I pulled far ahead. As the first generation of online photo sites, Cai Liwen proudly called it the fool application program can copy, he will do the picture can also be copied, so many do not understand, do not understand the art design of the station to change the banner into a fashion. I pulled it out, it relies on a strong technical team and service concept, simply put this blank to fill the market.


follower web interface and I pull almost are twin brothers, but the above template quantity, style, classification and so on, but not with me to pull in comparison, after all, after a year of development, for the needs of users, I pull more clearly than many imitators, in addition, its excellent quality it also leads to many loyal users, no wonder they shouted loudly: "I dragnet has always been imitated, but never surpassed


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