Grassroots truth Dream silently work

Baidu seems to have included my blog

in April 18thBut

seems to be in late April to put me out of.

‘s original 20 page is not 20 pages now,.

Google has collected 47 pages for me,

you mean you’re so mean,

, Baidu?

, this is what I’m looking at this time,

bothered to look at

I don’t want to use anything, SEO

SEO I won’t,.

doesn’t want to live for Baidu,

also saw many articles in ADMIN5,.

only honestly do the station (blog)

seriously adhere to the original

every day

, for a while,.

, when you forgot about him,.

he’s always coming,

my blog started building,

, none of my blog traffic comes from Baidu,

I do the same, update

every day

writes several original

every day

, even if you really can’t find the

to write

writes only a word of mouth,

, I’m going to write an.

I heard you got used to it,

spider will come to

every day

, no matter how many IP I have on my blog,

I’ll update

every day

I do blog or do stand, not for Baidu included

, but for yourself,

I’m sure my blog will be strong someday,

I know, there are many grassroots webmaster also for his stand silently not hard work,

our efforts will always pay off,.

only returns a little later,.

grassroots blog

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