Cui total Marketing Master of eight classic killer

are you always worried about the sale of goods,


in the end what is the reason, a good analysis of no! Let me talk about my point of view, I hope all of you help.

first of all, do you sell something that has a similar customer base? For example, you have a large number of goods, but this is not what time space mall buyers want to buy, and you re publicity is also difficult to do!


two, the picture of the product is too bad. The customer is not sure what the product is. Will he buy it for nothing?


three is not good at management. The goods in the store are in a mess.

four, the introduction of the goods is not perfect. There is only one name. Who knows what it will do,


five, do not pay attention to communicating with customers to win! Commercial war, only the hearts and minds, with emotion to move customers. At that time, send an email or QQ message, ask what the customer has, and so on,

six, do not pay attention to after-sales service. For example, what is the problem of goods, not good to help customers solve?. If your goods and services, which will produce the group effect, a mass ten, ten hundred. Are you afraid you can’t sell the goods?

seven, do a good job of statistical analysis of goods, this is the most important. Just build a form,

above is just an example, specific, I hope you can do better, do a good job table, but also a serious analysis.

eight, take a look at your competitors, see what they’ve added, what’s new, what promotions are available.

nine, go to the, learn more about the technology, is also a good method.

also has a few tricks to buy a recommendation, or to advertise your products to other forums. Because it is online shopping mall, so as much as possible to stay online, in order to communicate with customers. The reply message to be fast, slow, some customers will lose the urge to buy goods at Strike while the iron is hot..

when the customer has a problem, solve it as soon as possible.

let me give you an example: a customer bought a piece of jade and bought it at an online mall. But when the customer received the item, he felt sorry again and felt it was not worth it. Call to say:

"I don’t think your goods are worth the price. I want to return it,"

"please don’t be excited, calm down.". Can you put down the phone? I’ll call you back. It’s expensive."

the seller immediately called: "


Hello, do you think what I sell is not worth the price, you can go to your local jade shop to ask you out, you here with me to buy jade: I want to ask them with a piece of jade and the like, how much is it? After you give me a reply please "/p>?"

"OK >

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