Several problems should be paid attention to before the website revision

first of all, be confident and able to withstand the pressure. In full consideration of the user’s circumstances, bold and resolute revision. In fact, there is a powerful thing in the world called repetition". Repetition makes a habit. Habits are better than anything. No matter which website revision, is under great pressure, but old users have become accustomed to the original version, naturally will not get used to and resist the mood. As long as the revision is OK, the user will get used to the new version. So, often webmaster spoiled our users.

secondly, do a good job of PR activities before the revision. Promptly released to the outside world and the process of revision of the news, opinions related to collect user, win more supporters, allowing users to understand the benefits of revision and purpose, so that the majority of users have a sense of ownership, to keep abreast of the situation.

furthermore, before the release of the version, the beta and the inside should be tested and modified in a timely and appropriate manner based on some of the user’s recommendations and data. To let users know, to revision is doomed. Because we want to survive and develop, we must innovate and change.

some people insist that he succeeds; some persist in destroying their future because they insist; sometimes, if we insist on it, we will succeed; sometimes, just a little longer, we are doomed. Adhere to the reason by the vast majority of people believe that because too few people can insist on, we just tasted, not taste the deeper meaning.

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