New webmaster you haven’t got started please don’t worry

new people continue to join, the old people disappear, webmasters also exist for a long time. New webmaster I feel there are a lot of problems, a little too impetuous, too utilitarian, come to flow, want to earn money, but their level of understanding of the site? Basically even domain name resolution is not, I can say what? A little more flat and a less impetuous, you what’s the hurry?

what is the new station called entry? At least in my opinion, you should understand the necessary basic knowledge, such as: basic knowledge of domain name and space, a website from scratch based operating procedures should know that the relationship between traffic and revenue should know the basic web page making should be. In front of the good learning, the use of Baidu search related articles to see, or to Admin5, the inside of the article 60% can be, I believe you know on the website of the absolute changes in turn the world upside down, don’t say the waste of time, I can be very responsible to tell you, master station the article although many soft, but a few words to remove soft look, basically very readable articles or very high, this is the webmaster of experience, have suffered, lessons learned, to write out is to tell the novice, to pay attention to.

recently I went to a company responsible for the sale of a building software, this process is called love aggregation, what specific, we can search under. Meet a lot of new owners to consult, they come up to ask, this program can earn much money? IP for 1 months to 10 thousand? I really Speechless, any program tools are just tools, good and bad or how much depends on use the tools, and the new owners the use of the process is also a lot of problems, I summarized, see if you will have such a situation, you are probably the new webmaster oh. Lots of effort:

1. doesn’t understand the space, program, domain name relationship. My God, this is also called the webmaster ah, encountered such consultation, I really can not start ah, from the basic knowledge of station speak.

2. doesn’t know how the traffic comes from. I told him that the site is now mostly rely on Baidu search engine, that is to say to your website Baidu included data and basically is collected, the greater the flow, but the specific is how come, I said a long time did not understand, because they do not know the mechanism of search engine.

3. do not know how to have a flow station, in fact, no wonder, engage in contact sites, has yet to be approved fool Oh, so I said, do you stand with love polymerization process, I am responsible for help with the flow of money, this is no problem.

4. doesn’t make basic web pages. In fact, this is the most should not, the above is only a webmaster for the understanding of the website, the problem of understanding. These problems can be solved by looking at the article, but the basic techniques of making web pages are not accomplished by looking at several articles. Take your time, >

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