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introduced himself 85 years ago, graduated from University, environmental protection professional,

is engaged in the Internet industry, is purely forced, when looking for a job not to find the right of the profession, in order to eat meal, went into the network company salesman, (this is a point I don’t know, now do not know how), every day is called ah, ran out of the business, see technology people sitting in the office quite envy: one is envy, hot do not run out, and the air conditioning blowing, two is the envy of a technology, looks very cow.

so every day in and day out after about 8 months, found himself not to do business (the boss said material can also be a talent, also don’t know if it’s true, how to see yourself how unlike) resigned, and then every play the game CS, for 2 months (now the level is so cattle the loss of this time, I am still very confident, ha ha)

third months, does not survive, selling computer (the loss of 1000RMB 4 months before buying), I thought again, nothing to sell to make money, ha ha,

think of nothing, will only run the website business, at this time everyone will guess, I must go to the Internet company to do business, ha ha, you guessed wrong,

this time I found a site friend, and he consulted to do together, I run business, he did website, to later, in fact, we run business together, he did web site, ha ha, stained cheap

so every day and he together, he made a place of their own portal, just the information network of what, I think I can do a play ah, what do you do professional environmental protection, environmental protection equipment, do not, do I see, my friend. Also learn, look somewhat interesting, often see, over a period of time about how to do the idea is clear, the technology is still a problem, can only change, ha ha, changed often go wrong, but also friends back, (good friends, sometimes I feel tired)

then we do together Jiangyin city life network, we actually planned together, he did, because of various reasons I, did not succeed (nobody knows me, I would say, is really no money to eat, and to do that, for 3 months did not earn money that does not survive the first project, 88).

City life network

project although 88, but still young people and friends together, there are idea, you want what, oh, this is a little disappointed, the result is to work, now at work (fear, don’t go hungry) as the saying goes, stay in there is hope aoyama.

work when the work is not very nervous, so want to do something, and finally want to do an online shop, on this, just do 3 months, now ranked third, I think it’s OK, but the flow is not big, one

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