Model analysis and summarization of reverse e commerce websites in China

1. What is reverse commerce


reverse Commerce (C2B) is one of the e-commerce patterns, that is, Customer to Business. The consumer – to – Business (C2B) model, which is the first to be popular in the United States, may be an interesting attempt. The core of the C2B mode, is the formation of a strong group purchasing distribution by dispersion polymerization, but a large number of users, in order to change the user one bid B2C mode of the weak position, to enjoy to buy single commodities at wholesale prices of interest. (Via)

Analysis of

two and reverse e-commerce model

The competitive advantage of

C2B reverse e-commerce is achieved by the exchange of certain attributes of consumers’ goods. The advantage of commodity price is the loss of time, option and other attributes. From the merchant’s point of view, when the cost of fixed silence and the influence of the existing consumer groups are less affected, the maximization of the interests of the most sought for, in which the application of information technology plays a crucial role. Data intelligence system (BI) is one of the core contents of C2B reverse e-commerce.

C2B reverse electronic commerce more suitable as a comprehensive platform has huge resources and users of the components, a promote effect on other business model, especially on social relationships with other business models irreplaceable role. (Via)

is best suited for reverse Commerce:

hotel reservations

, tourism and other products with similar attributes

most suitable for reverse e-commerce platform:

mobile operator

scale IM and pan IM platform

three, domestic reverse commerce website


hands up network is a C2B reverse buy site, formally launched in 2012 January, is one of the domestic e-commerce sites involved in an earlier site. To raise the bargaining power of the goods to the end consumers is the main service concept. The essence of the shopping model of "hands up net" is to assemble a large number of scattered buyers within the allotted time, and become a big purchasing group and enhance the bargaining power of the merchants.




foreign Priceline mode control is actually a replica of Priceline from its establishment in 1998, because of its original Name Your Own Price "user bid mode", controlled by the multipath channel CITS hotel development, resources to support the online travel agency under the control of the hotel, the hotel covers.

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