Talking about the closure of the Fengxian County forum whether it’s survival or profit

, May 12, 2007. Fengxian County local website has added a new member – Fengxian County forum.

before doing this forum, I realized that regional forums are an important direction for the development of personal websites.

The construction of the

website is basically no cost, but the early promotion has cost me a lot of effort. It took me a week to learn the promotion and win win model of the forum. I didn’t want to make a profit at first. Because many websites are at the beginning of the operation, the profit model is very vague. Only one can firmly believe that the popularity has come, and the profit model will be clear. So where did the popularity come from? I used the following two ways.

plus 30 QQ group, change your group card into forum URL

this effect is very significant, from the background of browsing statistics can be seen, after adding QQ group, every day new 100 visitors from the browser input directly, these visitors obviously from QQ group in the past. Each group has an average of 60 people, 60X30=1800. Online for 1/3, that is, through QQ group in this way, as long as I online, 600 people a day to see my web site. Baidu index from the "Fengxian County", daily attention is only a few hundred. From this point, you can see, plus QQ group is very effective way of promotion. QQ group can also send a group of mail, to ensure that each member of the group can receive mail, and not included in the garbage can.

collects 1000 copies of Email and uses mass software to promote

collection of Fengxian County people’s email address, is a very dull as ditch water work, probably spent two days time, collected more than 1000 Fengxian County local people’s email address, and then use cluster software to inform the Fengxian County forum.

QQ group and the mail, produced a great effect, traffic surge, but the new volume didn’t change what. The forums are empty. Let them see what?

so I thought of an idea, he registered a user name to send a post, then for a different user name back to more than a dozen stickers, and keep abreast of time. Feel like this chicken eggs, need to be placed in the henhouse to lead a one or two lead egg, he knew it was a place to lay eggs, will leave what you see people left.

due to the management of the site too much, to the Fengxian County forum for the promotion ended, about promotion date is July, which is two months after the establishment of the forum, the end after the promotion of the Fengxian County forum and back to the original appearance. One day the occasional one or two new start, I still have to paste will last three days, in a forum, a week in a forum, then I don’t see back, like weeds, as it had been a stalemate the emerge of itself and perish of itself, until now. Not long ago, I was thinking of operating such a web site, so enter URL into, and found that the domain name parked, landing IDC background, found the domain name expired, I’m too lazy to continue

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