The future development of small and medium websites

in the current Internet industry, with the strategic expansion of industry giants, as well as changes in policy, small and medium-sized sites face increasing pressure of competition. In quantity, small and medium-sized websites accounted for more than 90%, but in terms of strength, small and medium-sized websites in capital, technology, experience and so on are insufficient. So, in the increasingly fierce competition, how should the small and medium-sized websites develop?

vertical, now the Internet environment, there is not enough strength, want to operate a large and full web site is very difficult. Therefore, you can choose vertical development. SouFun is able to log on Nasdaq, proving that the vertical industry has potential for development. Industry giants in any case expansion, there will always be some areas did not involve, which for the development of small and medium-sized sites left space. For example, you can choose some not popular, but there is a certain space for the development of the industry, conditional small and medium-sized sites, you can also involve a number of highly specialized industries, such as machinery, electronics and other industries.

refinement, you can choose a certain aspect of the industry to develop, professional for a certain type of group, as long as the service is good, this type of users, there will be certain prospects for development. For example, in the mother and child website, you can make a website for young mothers, such as attention during pregnancy, baby’s food and clothing, health care and so on. Moreover, the refinement is also easy to concentrate on the relevant aspects of the field are well done, to attract specific users of the group’s purpose.

at the same time, small and medium-sized websites also need from the user’s point of view, do a good job of user experience. Because for a website, the user experience is very important, although the function is very complete, but the page is not beautiful enough, it is more difficult to retain users. Therefore, the overall site needs to design beautiful and tidy, allowing users to enter the site will feel more comfortable. Secondly, you can also do a good job of the website operation team related presentations, provide detailed contact information, increase user comments and other aspects to obtain the user’s trust, attract users to visit frequently.

sum up, for small and medium-sized websites, the Internet industry still has development space is not small, as long as the choice of the right industry, from the perspective of users, good user experience, to provide quality information for users, good service users, will get development space.

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