Mou Changqing how to raise the PR value of the website

how to raise the PR value, has not been any good mystery. The only way is to increase the bulk of the chain, so I this article, although the title is how to raise the PR value, in fact, mainly is how to increase the external links, improve PR value.

write online to improve the PR value of the article has a lot, did not want to write a similar article, only recently did a new Links exchange platform, just to have a direct relationship with the PR value of ascension, so share their Strike while the iron is hot. the PR value of ascension experience.

in September 08 years ago, although I do personal websites, has been 3 years of history. But because at that time, do not pay attention to the site, the chain does not attach importance to SEO, so the highest PR site will reach 3. Since 08 years in a company responsible for SEO, let me understand the importance of doing the chain. 08 years in July on the blog, the site from the beginning of the attention to the increase of the chain. Blog built 2 months later, from PR0 directly to the PR5, let me understand the importance of the chain to PR. Then is 2 months from PR0 up to PR6, then is about 2 months to PR5 from PR0, so I discovered that in fact as long as do a website PR value does not so difficult. Now share with you, how to do the chain, improve the PR value of the site.

1: soft text promotion, including web site

I wrote every article of my own, at the bottom of the article, there are left home blog hyperlinks, and then sent to each platform, and then reprinted by many websites. In order to accumulate a large number of Web site outside the chain, many friends will think it is difficult to write original articles, you can try to modify some of the current popular network news, in the article the clever to add your own web site, and then to the forum or blog, can play a good effect. Just as personal experience, with a soft form, mainly to increase the number of article pages outside the chain, to optimize the key effect is OK, but to improve the PR value, or in some weight high website home page with links to the effect will be obvious point.

two: links

links are currently the main way to improve the PR value of the site, but also faster results. But how does a new website add quality links?.

1: old station with new station

this method may be a lot of friends can not use, but I still put forward. For example, I now do a new station, will let oneself of the rest of the PR value of the site to link. In addition, some of them outside of IT website also has its own blog column, and these columns also have a certain PR value, I have several in the outside blog, PR value also has 5. Although the column address weights are not high, they don’t do much for keyword optimization

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