New station three days to be included in the experience to share


site was included in the search engine, presumably as a webmaster do stand the primary problems, often in the webmaster nets see other webmaster said a certain website was included in a day, often hear that a Webmaster Station and not a month graced by search engine.

yes, as a webmaster, I think about these things all day long. I think for a day before a period was included in the site is certainly there, but this station does not have absolute universality, and not every webmaster can easily go to learn and imitate, because everyone is not the master, is more numerous living beings of the small and medium-sized station.

today, I have a new station high imitation machine network: share my new station three days by search engine experience. I temporarily name it as a new station, included in the five steps.

1. The correlation between registered domain name and keyword

interested webmaster can check the domain name registration time, the time is 09 years in May 10th. Perhaps at this time, there are webmaster to ask, how do not register COM, CN, and registered a NET? In fact, I also want to register COM ah, but there is No. Then aside, I made several stops let me meet is full of NET domain name, according to my experience NET domain has not said in the legend is not good. But one thing we can see, high imitation machine nets set the key word is high imitation machine, high imitation mobile phone, because I’m a mobile phone, I’m familiar with this industry, and the domain name gfji is a high imitation machine abbreviation.

two, determine the main column content expansion of the website

high imitation machine network is the domain name registration after second days to set up, is 11, a general program is also downloaded from the Internet CMS article, theme, keyword set website, namely high imitation machine, Gao Fang mobile phone, and determine the relevant keywords and a series of column name when determining the column name, try to follow the site to determine the thinking of the audience, that they want to get what I from this website, write them down, then sorted out the names of the columns. Not only meets the website audience, the visitor, also for the future website long tail keywords lay the good foundation.

three, the expansion of the article content

for the first time hair article not too much, not to get up on the collection of hundreds of articles, collection is new station the most taboo, or honest write original. The owners asked, I will not write, write code, the pseudo original? To find some other web sites and your site theme related articles, it is best to the station, such as high imitation machine I is on the mobile phone, mobile phone will be able to Chinese, Pacific mobile phone channel, Sina mobile phone channel so to find the article the article, copy back, put the title to change, change the more the better recognition, change more sensational better, but should pay attention to and the contents of the article. The content of the article is removed from the first paragraph

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