Solve the webmaster in three troubles no funds no technology no connections


in the operation of the website, most webmasters may complain about themselves, or complain that they have no money, or complain that their technology is not high enough, or complain about how Dad is not Li Gang, in fact this is not have complain. The station please you think about it, if you have money, what do you do if you have, you also need to operate the site of hacker technology, if your dad is Li Gang now you drive a BMW, so as a webmaster we want to learn the reasonable to treat these three troubles.

no funds, then go to tap their own funds,

no money is actually a kind of pressure for the webmaster, is a forward driving force, in fact, no money for a person to play a strong will, exercise a person’s success, I am also a webmaster, I have no money, how do I solve this problem?

1, learn to save, perhaps a lot of people have not experienced my savings, now my domain name is the 3 registration fee to use only 30 yuan, only 50 yuan to renew the domain name, and my web space is the use of the type of Hongkong rent space, every month a few dollars, and I the station program is the use of the ZBLOG program, a site down only cost only 50 yuan less than.

2, Institute of mining, mining in the capital when you complain you have no funds to wonder whether I have no money, but I can make a little promotion expenses for their websites at the same time using their own website, and promote my expenses from my mind.

3, learn to use

, there are a lot of venture capital by means of, if you think you really have the ability, confidence and faith to do their own site, then turn to some of the funds at the appropriate time is necessary, for this entirely your own webmaster.

no technology, then we can give up technology,


technology may not become a stumbling block of the website operation, to know the current Internet is very extensive, you say you do not understand the DNS, you only need to Baidu search can see numerous domain name analytic method, you say you don’t know how to choose the site program, you only need to Baidu search can see graphic combination of countless the program selection method, so the technology and not hinder the website development way, if you say you do not understand their own development process, so I’ll give you some suggestions:

1, invite partners to assist in the development, if you want to challenge high technology, so I suggest you can invite some technical partners to help you, a webmaster and not what things will be, we not only need to grasp the overall situation of 000 oil, on the line, so invite partners is a good the method.

2, pay for people to develop, and now develop a simple web site procedures, or how much money, dozens of hundreds of dollars, you can develop a simple site procedures, so if you take

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