Way cattle Network CEO Yu Dunde the next two or three years online tourism industry stereotypes

The Economic Observer reporter Li Wenbo

tuniu network founder and CEO in duright in October 30th to accept the Economic Observer online reporter in an interview that the online shift to the next line of the trend, the next two or three years is the online travel website (OTA) to the entire OTA industry will be the basic pattern of stereotypes.

is China Dunde, the tourism industry is currently the explosive growth has gone through two stages, one is from 1999 to 2006, the tickets and the hotel from line to line; the second stage is 2007 of this year, leisure travel from the line to line.

"we found that, from 07 years to now, there has been no major change in the pattern of airline tickets and hotels, and the pattern of leisure travel will not change very much once it is formed. The last two years are the time when the pattern is set." Yu Dunde told reporters at the TravelRave Asia Tourism Exhibition week in 2014.

way cattle Network in May this year, NASDAQ, its prospectus shows that, according to transaction prices, in 2013, the way cattle Network online with the group tour market ranked first. IResearch data show that in 2012, China’s online outbound tourism cattle halfway to 15% share, second only to Ctrip, ranked second.

although the second quarter of this year, the net loss of the ox road net has 113 million 600 thousand yuan, but revenue has increased by 84.9% year on year, it can be seen that the market is accelerating the pace of preemption.

for Alibaba’s new "go", Yu Dunde did not worry too much. He said that from the current situation, it is mainly to do air tickets and hotels, so it will go and where the network is more like.

in the face of increasing enhancement of competitors, duright confidence lies in the way cattle have been and where to network, eLong and Ctrip formed a differentiated competitive advantage.

The difference is mainly reflected in the

", first of all, most of them are standardized independent, low customer price of products, and we are packaged products of high customer price, usually more than three items; second, from the destination, they are domestic travel, we are outbound; third, they have no cash flow. Tuniu and cash flow, cash in our hands for about 50 days." He said. In addition, the second tier cities from the source of tourists in the road cattle accounted for very high, and he believes that the two or three line of the city will be the future of China’s tourism market potential lies.

financial results show that the way cattle marketing costs for 96 million 900 thousand yuan (15 million 600 thousand U.S. dollars), an increase of 403.4%. To rely on a large number of advertising growth, at dunder said in the brand and marketing investment is prior to do all kinds of attempts in marketing, summed up the law.

"high priced unit category, the brand is very critical, in this regard, investment is very valuable, and should see the long-term value it brings."." He said.


has data showing that 2013 is all."

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