Summed up the pseudo original articles of several methods

wrote the last article in A5, "the novice should be aware of the problem of doing a website". There are a lot of people with me. In the article, there is a post to write about "pseudo original", and today it’s written "ha!


to do a website content is the root of the site, visitors to your web site to see what, not just to see content, entertainment, medical, current events of all kinds. Bitter is our webmaster, every day for content worry, search engines love original thing, but a lot of the site by gathering the article was collected, the probability is very small, even not included, not included will not have what traffic, no traffic is what the website? Write the original article, a lot of people can’t write or have no time to write think of a half a day, all don’t know how, but we can take this paper to the title, paragraph, change the method of similar words to the articles on cosmetic, this is the pseudo original. How do you get pseudo artifacts? You can do it in the following ways. After all, search engines like new things,

pseudo original content at the beginning and end of the next effort. Search engines pay great attention to the beginning and the end. For articles copied on the Internet, the beginning and the end of the article should be modified. The beginning and the ending can be replaced by their own writing, or replaced by the original beginning and the ending.

How is



1. changing title headlines is the focus of an article where we can make appropriate changes to the original title. For example, an article online massage, the original title "7 strokes to capture a small pot" I modified "eliminate the small pot only 7 strokes", to replace the original title but no change.

The 2. section of the first

can write some words, but it contains keywords, first section of the tail is more important in the search engines, can write a summary of what the


3. agrees to exchange words or paragraphs that have similar meanings. We can modify them to compare the meanings of the words. We can also substitute the pseudo original tools for

in large quantities

4. articles in reverse order can also be used to try, but try not to make people do not understand, oh,


4. selected to do pseudo original articles, try not to find the Internet is very popular article, most of these articles have been reprinted many times, it is difficult to achieve pseudo original purpose. To try to find some unpopular articles, you can go to forums, blogs, QQ space and so on.

5., try to filter out the HTML tags first. The general way to edit editor software is to copy it directly and convert it to the source code. Select the copy paste the contents inside, this HTML marker will all be cleared away, which can reduce the content of content similarity and other websites, can be copied to the notebook!.

almost this way, pseudo original is not a good way, it is best to original, the best Oh, this article first table, reproduced please keep >

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