What do we lack in the operation of local portals

to do a lot of local portal webmaster, I think your local portal has been placed for many years without maintenance in a recent period of time there, see a lot of places portals, basically there are seventy percent idle, I just want to ask, then what are you going to do this portal. What is the purpose of this local portal, just because someone is doing a local portal, or is it because you think the local portal can earn money.

In fact,

local portal from a personal point of view, must be able to make money, but not early, I think if a local portal you are operating properly, under the general situation you need to wait until three years later, you may be able to turn a profit, that is to say in the past three years, you do local portal to precipitation, need to constantly create content, to allow the user to enter, continue to maintain their own website brand, more you need to insist, since you choose to do local portal, then you have to sink, I think any chance of a small profit is not your ultimate goal.

is our own heart is clear, as a grassroots webmaster is not much money into a lot of publicity to the local portal, in fact, every year the domain name server costs, costs, and expenses in the site for the record, and if there is what speech problem, those who drank tea costs all we need is out of their own pockets, so some people insist on not down, some are forced to, there is no way to propaganda does not move, can not operate, for lack of technology, in which only idle will wait to do, go to start the money elsewhere, these have become our temporary abandonment done before the local portal reasons and excuses.

do local portal, we are passionate, as if to see after his successful appearance, in fact, success is not our own imagination so simple, we may need to adhere to, adhere to the original passion, adhere to the original dream, adhere to the original attitude of doing things, no matter how you are going to determination.

In fact,

promotion of local portal in place there are still many ways of promotion, what he saw as well as some of the ways to promote what they thought to share in the local portal webmaster, hope you can go further.


first, and businesses free of charge, and by the way to allow businesses to help promote our website

second, using advertising companies, free advertising companies to advertise, back to advertising companies to advertise, leaving our website

third, so that floor prompts, so that all floor users can see our website and tagging information

fourth, the hotel, to some small restaurants issued napkins, but there is our website information.

fifth, for some big hotels, in the parking spaces

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