The whole point of frequency on the search engine algorithm and optimization of operating activities

search engine optimization promotion by our decomposition is very specific for keyword writing, relevant forum anchor text chain construction, select high weight website, the accumulation of industry website resources. This is a very specific, so we every day of repetitive work, update the site, do the chain, pay attention to the opponent’s website, in fact, after the appearance of the work carefully, we can still find the source of many new things.

search engine rankings, that is the algorithm. As we understand the contents of the first routine, we choose keywords, and then focus on the key words do content, and then to the field of words related to the chain construction, the main contents of this series of work, is to help the search engine to determine the site classification. Baidu search site classification must be a tree, for example, we go to the classification website information, from large categories to two levels of classification, and then to three levels of classification, step by step segmentation. But Baidu is how to determine the site classification? When we do, a lot of people love keyword set in the front page of the site, can indeed play a good effect, this is a need to consider the elements. But if you only rely on this site can not achieve differentiated treatment, if all the sites get ranked only by title, then the search engine will undoubtedly have great disorder under heaven.

so, what is the mystery that other factors? ZhengZhan website homepage is like frequency! People’s appearance, the content of the website is the essence of a person, we can look to deceive others, but the essence can not disguise. That is the website information display and communication, stripped of website design appearance, the core of search engine is the site of the text, the text after the website information collection such as 10 words, then the keywords you involved in the industry ratio, direct description of your site on behalf of the field, and certainly not the bigger the better frequency station and he must be in a much greater than, less than the number of the interval. In addition, that is, the magnitude of information on the website, like a person’s weight, the greater the amount of "weight", the more influential.

has this point of view, we understand why to determine the key words, why do the content around the keywords, why continue to do the content?. From the process can also be more for the station optimization operation, such as anchor text and site keyword density.

The concept of

station frequency should also no one mentioned above, only a little work in the process of personal thinking and summary, welcome to discuss and reprint, please indicate the source. Tianjin construction machinery bending machine

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