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records the experiments I have done. The reason for the failure of the experiment is too fast. It is important to be patient with SEO and not be impatient for success.

08 years in January 27th on the line format conversion online line more than three months, GG, YAHOO included normal, Baidu has been confiscated. Baidu does not include possible reasons:

1, is keyword "conversion", density is too high. The word "change" appears frequently throughout the home page. Using tool testing, the word "conversion" is 6%. "Format conversion" has a density of 2%. Also in the normal range, not too high.

2, server IP punished by Baidu. Here are a few stations by K, may affect the new station included.

5-20 improvements: reduce home keyword density. Submit your website to Baidu again. 2008-5-29 Baidu received 11 pages, all content pages, the home page has not been included. Index time is 2008-2-13, that is to say, Baidu on-line in the website about half a month, it has been collected, but has not been displayed. Yesterday, the site has IP through other keywords, but these pages did not appear today. Still in the adjustment, continue to observe. 2008-5-31 adjusts the title of the homepage of the website, wrote a title that can generalize the content of the website, added a javascrip code in each content page.

analysis: home page has not been included, it may be a little high keyword density; in addition, and other stations on the server was punished, the weight of the site in Baidu is relatively low. A little change, it was completely K off. Conclusion: the stability of the server and the quality of the above site is the basis, if not good, the new station will be implicated. In addition, new sites to optimize nature, not to make too much adjustment in the short term. Search engines have an inspection period for the web page (at least half a month). If you’ve just included it, it’s dangerous to make adjustments. Of course, the adjustment here refers to changing the title, discription, and other optimization methods of the web page. Updating the content properly is a good expression for the search engine. Recently made a page also proved this point, in one of my download station added a page to observe the keywords ranking, put up after the second day was GG included, a few words about the ranking in the second, third, fourth page, third days, one word ranking to the first page, when I’m on the pages of the title in the appropriate adjustment, repeat a keyword, it is repeated two times; one of the important contents in the word with H1 markers. Think the adjustment may be a hundred better performance, I did not expect fourth days on the page GG can not find.

The effect of

SEO needs a process, patience is important. In addition, the study of people do not care too much about the results, success has successful experience, failure, there is a lesson of failure, there is gain.

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