Tour master sum up a year and a half do station experience

launched my travel website, until today, the website from 2007 to December is pregnant with sorrow. Along the way, summed up a lot. Present your thoughts and suggestions to everyone for your participation.

first feel that the content of the site is the focus of a website, but also the key to my travel website, but also a soul of your website, so the original content of tourism information is very important. But how to get to the original information, their blind flicker, to other travel sites to find some original content for travel, take back the changes, that only a pseudo original, feasible, but not for a long time, it will let visitors feel this article "deja vu", more and more feel is seen, slowly the visitors do not come, so in this respect, my method is launched, loving tourists, in their own personal travel to the people to write their own blogs into our tourism website, then we will according to the quality of the visitors send some prizes, let more people to we contribute to the visitors, with power, added to the original web content. Site visitors, is God, to more, see more, feel is good, will come back, Baidu, Google will also come in.

tourism website is a service site, must provide users with good service, for example, my site, provide to the user, are some of the tourist attractions, when users need to go to the attractions, the scenic spots can understand our site in advance. In addition to these, also provides travel ah, line booking, hotel reservation and so on, the function, not necessarily all, but to the users want, need, so your site function can be improved, with these, first, the user will come second times, third times. Can let this kind of travel website have his vitality.

in order to have more visitors, you must do Baidu and Google optimization, you can have more visitors, more people, we will understand your station.

and other types of websites, the server must be stable, not often crashes, the first two, but more than this will affect your site in Baidu, Google in the hearts of the "status", will allow Baidu and Google search engine that your server is not stable, for you the website down a notch. Because of several times in the room when the power was cut off this year, when Baidu snapshot every day, included normal, because this a few times a server outage, then cause the website snapshot of the home page is the average of the 7 updated once a day, right to be reduced.


page name cannot be changed often, even a little bit too, my name is the original home of the "love Mount Huangshan" back in order to let everyone from tourism website is the nature of the site, will own website name to "love Mount Huangshan travel", and before this, the website "" Mount Huangshan has been ranked the top, then the key is pulled back, even invisible.


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