Learn to hold on to your customers

each brand has its own positioning objectives, to seize their own consumers, not far from success. "For a brand, your goal is to be like the Real Madrid football team, you can organize its fans, support and loyalty." John Quelch (John A.? Quelch) marketing experts pointed to the Harvard Business School Senior Vice President, the world famous wearing his bright blue that Real Madrid football team tie said, "the brand is not only a name, it is not only a kind of visual symbol, is not an advertising slogan. Brand is a promise, is a club. It is simple and fragile. Today’s economic environment is to brand building and marketing challenges."

when the economic situation is not good, it seems more than ever important to retain customers. In the close relationship between the enterprise and the consumer, emotional hub is very important. Disney is one of the many brands of "emotional hub", not only the children love it, many adults are very enthusiastic, it has become the representative of a family entertainment, can let the parents into the child’s world, to strengthen communication within the family, let one family enjoyable.

in order to retain loyal customers around the world, there are many companies set up their own club, and history in the United States is not long, but there is a very famous club, it has even influenced generations of Americans, has created a popular culture?? Harley Davidson motorcycles? The main club. The members of the club are proud not only of Harley Davidson motorcycles, but also of their own lives. In their bodies, you can see the various colors of the Harley Davidson logo tattoos, and even wear, supplies…… They are not simply owners, not only the product, but more importantly, the brand of faith. The Davidson Co of the concept of corporate culture, but also to their customers as the company’s brand owners, therefore, each company to do product design and promotion activities, will ask the club owners to participate in, listen to their opinions, and earnestly put these opinions and suggestions used in actual operations.

brand to make the complex simple change

brand is a kind of convenience, then the effect is a promise and guarantee. Clearly, the global brand is usually higher than the average price of the brand, consumers are willing to pay for this part of the premium, which is the most important thing is the global brand of high quality, high quality

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