The dealer community Hunan Restaurant investment introduction

for China, which is a big country and a big country in terms of food, people love the degree of food so that you can not imagine. Chinese food has become a highlight of the catering industry economy. The dealer community Hunan shop as a leading brand in the industry is preferred to join. However, there is no free lunch, all of the franchisee must prepare sufficient funds to cope with the expenditure in the process of joining, so you have to know what is the circle makers Hunan restaurant franchise fee? A preliminary estimate of dealer franchise fee Hunan circle is 244 thousand and 300 yuan. Next, we try to understand the specific cost of Hunan stores to join the community banker


merchant, is to know how to make use of every money, is the same as makers of Hunan Museum circles to join the business, only to know their money where to make money for yourself, not because of financial problems with intent to do business is the quality of franchisees should do things. A dealer community Hunan restaurant franchise fee, Xiaobian for you together, do not come to see



community Hunan Restaurant investment funds


community Hunan restaurant franchise fee: 244 thousand and 300 yuan more than

equipment fee: 80 thousand yuan of raw materials: $20 thousand advertising expenses: $5 thousand

opening fee: 3 thousand yuan of Liquidity: a total investment of $60 thousand fee: 244 thousand and 300 yuan

liquidity 270 thousand yuan 160 thousand yuan 130 thousand yuan 60 thousand yuan

total investment costs 724 thousand yuan 498 thousand and 900 yuan 399 thousand and 800 yuan 244 thousand and 300 yuan

investment costs are estimated, may differ from the actual situation, for reference only.


community Hunan restaurant to join the cost analysis:

join level north of Guangzhou City, the provincial capital city level cities

shop area of 200 square meters of           180 square meters; 170 square meters of 140 square meters of    

rent costs 56 thousand yuan / month, 32 thousand and 400 yuan / month, 23 thousand and 800 yuan / month, 9800 yuan / month

decoration costs 700 yuan / square meters to 600 yuan / square meters to 500 yuan / square meters to 400 yuan / square meters

set >

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