New year’s day put a stall selling what good

New Year’s Day holiday is coming, you want to do some part-time during the holidays to earn a lot of people outside the block. New year’s day selling what to earn? The following four suggestions for most entrepreneurs, let us take a look at it.

A,   winter thermal underwear; we all have to wear underwear, so long as many people, certainly good sales. Sell warm summer clothes with underwear, thermal underwear is a good package, only need to take a set of samples to come out and do it, not all can be removed the bag like summer clothes hanging up as well.

two, socks, gloves, warm water bag, palm warm, scarf, hat, cotton insoles, cotton slippers…… these are winter necessities, and sales of thermal underwear can be compared; in addition, they are relatively small, the purchase price is not too high, the stall is also convenient to carry; finally, these things don’t look at the small, the profit is very objective. Therefore, I think it is the best choice for winter stall.

no hard start. New year’s day, the weather is relatively cold, want to do business needs to stop the indomitable will, and the need to stall every day. Just go to the day that is not selling results. As long as you are willing to work hard, I believe will be a good sales.

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