How a coffee shop and entrepreneurship on the relationship


has such a cafe, it has a famous story. 800 square metres of hall put dozens of Zhang Kuanda’s table, each table hanging above a strip, even before the notebook computer, sat a group of people at work – here is the garage cafe. In Beijing and even the country’s entrepreneurial circles, the garage cafe is famous.

"it is a folk spontaneous, a cafe coat Small and micro businesses incubator." The founder of the garage Cafe Su said. In the creation of the garage before the Soviet Union was a successful Internet Co investment director. Do investment for many years, he found that it is not easy to find a good project, a lot of small and micro enterprises or early entrepreneurs, although there are good ideas, but because of lack of money, people will soon be able to adhere to the. For them, in particular, the need for a variety of entrepreneurial services, such as providing low-cost office space, providing opportunities to meet with investors."

named "garage", as a tribute to apple, HP and other Internet Co started in the garage. Garage means low cost, no threshold in the garage, as long as the value of 20 yuan to buy a cup of coffee, entrepreneurs can work here one day, wireless network and other hardware facilities to enjoy 1G, Easy Access, Beijing bank, Agricultural Bank for garage entrepreneurs.


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