Open Ferrari sent a pass twenty chuan 100 tea

now, the rich two generations have set foot on the pace of entrepreneurship, want to find their foothold. These days, there are friends in WeChat circle of friends to share: today, micro-blog ordered a milk tea, milk tea was actually open to Ferrari!" The micro-blog

  the mention of driving a Ferrari to send tea this thing, the boss shook his head: "we are for this distress, because then there are a lot of people some tea, will have been staring at to ask:" boss, today is Ferrari to send me? When we stopped to our unit downstairs, my colleagues and I have come down to enjoy In the end is to buy milk tea or look at the car, and sometimes really let us very distressed."

2013 two people both graduated after returning home, the family had to arrange for their good work in people’s eyes, "but we are too rebellious, for their own dreams put home painstakingly arranged his job." The boss said to reporters. After

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