Master of women’s store display skills easy to gather high popularity

women’s franchise display skills must firmly grasp the good display can show women’s fashion charm, bring brand superior strength, if you want to join the ladies to accumulate high popularity, so we must master the following skills on display.

display skills joint and several convenient method

display skills two, repeated method

when clothing styles put too long in one position No one shows any interest in time, they can be swapped positions, or with other styles of clothing to produce new art themes, increase the chance of selling. If the inside on the shelves of clothes moved to the outside on the shelves, will be more impressiveness. Through the cycle of repetition, coupled with the new style shelves, the entire clothing store will give people a new feeling often changed.

three, Qujingtongyou

display skillsContainer layout


five, decorative display techniques against

display technology recommended

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