How to make money with children

once married woman gave birth to a child, it is difficult to engage in their own careers, hold up half the sky, but now his, Xiao Bian will take several edge kids doing good for your project, to bring new hope for mothers, new life!


how to make money while the children? Convenient bag plastic convenient bag is the most extensive, the most common, the largest number of disposable consumer goods, bring convenience to people. Plastic bags are closely related to people’s lives, whether it is to the supermarket shopping, or the market to buy food; regardless of urban and rural areas, seasons, or daily life, the basic necessities of life everywhere. According to preliminary statistics, the per capita consumption of at least 1 per day, a market needs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per day, the market is huge, never dried up. The production of plastic bags without brand, small investment, quick returns, economic stability. The most common market to vest bag as an example: 18 cm wide raw material can be produced per kilogram of 300-500, market wholesale price of 0.8-1 yuan per hundred, each bag sold 0.8-1 cents, the material is 2.0-2.5 yuan / kg, per bag cost for 0.4-0.5, each bag can be Li 0.3-0.6. According to the daily production of 100 thousand calculations, the daily profit of 300-600 yuan, the larger the bag, the more upscale, higher profits.


because of their children, so that mothers give up a lot of opportunities for mothers to give up a lot of good opportunities, how to regain a new life, open a piece of women’s lives? I hope the above Xiaobian for you to bring you like!

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