What are the secrets of the supermarket business

open a supermarket, although not doing big business, but almost every owner wants his business can be booming, so as to attract more customers, to earn more money. In the present, regardless of the city or the countryside, the size of the supermarket more and more, the increasingly fierce competition between the retail industry, the business is difficult to make the current universal phenomenon.

as a retail business, retail supermarket is the root of our survival, and then have to operate a difficult business. Some retail businesses for business problems, began to seek solutions, and through their own hard work, so that their own supermarket out of the woods. In the supermarket operation for many years, I have accumulated some business experience, and now come out to share with you:

, integrity management, benefited in every way.

no matter how big or small business, integrity is the first element. Only the integrity of the business, we can win the trust of customers, to win a good reputation and reputation, in order to allow our shop to go further, go more stable. Cigarette business is even more so. In the cigarette business, which is reflected in the integrity management? Is to ensure that the store selling cigarettes must be genuine".

in the current cigarette market, some of the illegal elements often cheap bait, door-to-door selling fake cigarettes. While some retail businesses can not help the temptation of interest, it is illegal to buy cheap cigarettes from the channel to sell in the store. Once the customer found the shop selling cigarettes, the store lost credibility, lost the trust of customers, also not far away from the business.

therefore, we retail businesses in the business, we must adhere to the "good faith", the store sells cigarettes must be purchased from the tobacco companies informal channels, not into the purchase of the unknown source or origin non formal channels of cigarette, ensure that cigarette store sells are really smoke. Only in this way, we can win the trust and favor of customers, customers buy the rest assured that the absorption of peace of mind, to the store to buy cigarettes more and more customers, the store will be better and better cigarette sales.

in addition, the cigarette is a special commodity, easy to damp, mildew and odor, so we usually do the retail merchants to cigarette preservation work, in the summer rainy season, the cigarette is placed in dry ventilated place, avoid high temperature, rainy and other causes of damp, mildew, cigarette taste and so on, in order to avoid the customer to buy or mildew taste cigarette affects the reputation and business.

two, clean environment, good business.

supermarket business is booming, not only with the clerk service attitude, the quality of goods in the store, but also with the store shopping environment is clean and tidy have a great relationship. A clean and tidy shop than the old, disorderly shop display, but also to bring good feelings to customers and shopping desire >

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