Yu Minhong advice to entrepreneurs to have ideals

if you want to start a business, the first thing you do is not to find the project, but to establish their own ideals and goals. Many entrepreneurs are feeling, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, we can not deny that there will be a gap between the ideal and the reality, but it is not ideal for us to give up. The ideal of a person’s height, the idea of a person’s width, a person into the top of the stone in Pyramid, is supported by thousands of stones below.

1, to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses in what place, with strengths to avoid your weaknesses

2, the accumulation of experience is not afraid of failure of the process, all lessons learned from setbacks in order to come to

3, everything you want to do big things, you want to become a leader

What is the ideal

, holding high dozen things, in this life I want to be what kind of person, young Mandela is the ideal of the liberation of South Africa and black, and finally become one of the greatest of all Africa, 100 years, 200 years later, in 1000, there are still people who take Mandela Te out. Zhang Daqian has been abroad for many years, from India to Brazil to Thailand to the United States, a lifetime of pocket painting, but in the twenty years of wandering, painted the world’s greatest paintings. Zhang Daqian waited at the door of Picasso’s house for a day, and when he had painted a picture, he saw him as a teacher, and he was very happy with each other.

ideal to determine a person’s height, I never ever want to do what the ideal. Peking University after graduation to go abroad, finally made a New Oriental, but my ideal is to make one of the most outstanding education company, with this ideal only today, as if the New Oriental money machine if not today. If the eyes look at the money, I do this thing to make money, this thing is not long.

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