Loyal dog to drive away the dog is not a dog boom

loyal dog has been the first choice of many pet family, loved by the people. Recently, there is a dog on the rescue of the owner of the news, loyal dog won the praise of many users point. After the loyal dog to drive away the snake incident, there will be a wave of dog boom!

the dog has been loyal and deep love for mankind, according to foreign media sources said the day before a man of Australia in the yard to play carefree and content mobile phone when suddenly a snake walk quickly to the side, when he was not found, the brave dog shoved away the snake, let the owner did not injured.

it is reported that the day of the incident, after lunch the man sitting in the backyard, with him, have a black dog, just as everything seems so calm and harmonious, the ground suddenly discovered a brown snake, the snake walk very fast, honest man can approximation man, because mobile phone has not been playing found.

Fortunately, the dog saw



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