The first nternet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition ended

"Internet plus" as a new social vocabulary, has attracted people’s attention, now the society there are a lot of young people, especially college students have been engaged in the "Internet plus" entrepreneurial projects to.

"transport policy – vehicle freight O2O platform" members, Nanjing University graduates Gu Hongyu told reporters, "founder Wang Youzhao – O2O freight vehicle transport policy platform" for a master’s degree in South Logistics professional, a tutor to do the project, the accidental discovery of most small and medium-sized logistics enterprises in more than 90% of the car does not belong to the logistics company, but its own individual driver, the driver will be delivered the goods, usually returns empty, resulting in a great waste of resources. Wang thought, why not build a third party information platform? He and several other creative, the use of spare time to continuously adjust and improve the network plan. From 2013 launched operations since in CE certified net domestic large shippers and retail goods a total of more than 50 thousand vehicles, the daily turnover of 800 thousand yuan, 200 day transport trips, the annual turnover of nearly 300 million yuan of myth.

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