Nanjing limit loan restriction start real estate archives queue

prices soaring in the face of lawlessness, in the face of such a phenomenon, the local government of Nanjing actively take measures to take effective measures to curb housing prices, but also brought a series of problems. 7 began yesterday morning, came from the city from all sides buyers, have gathered in the Chinese city of Nanjing Road No. 52 in front of the real estate archives, 9 archives "welcoming", from outside the museum team has nearly 1000 from overseas road winds to the adjacent Shanghai road. People have come, only to be able to issue a paper as soon as possible proof of purchase, the completion of housing transactions.

Nanjing yesterday is the "limit of the first working day loan + restriction policy after the upgrade, scattered around the real estate trading center, the real estate archives and real estate intermediary overseas, become a" window of local political influence most vivid".

9 in Nanjing on 26 September to restart after the purchase, has asked the local and foreign buyers shall respectively issue "the city residence households purchase certificate" or "non city residence home buyers to prove", to sign a new or second-hand housing purchase contract. Then double limit upgrade, late in October 7th, the local and the introduction of the relevant provisions of the requirements of the city’s 11 districts within the scope of the local household registration without a single adult (including divorce).

10 6 January in Xuanwu, Qinhuai, Jianye, Qixia, Yuhuatai, Jiangning, Gulou and Pukou 8 area to buy new houses or second-hand housing, the commercial housing sales contracts signed or the stock of housing sales contracts, to be issued proof of purchase; migrant workers should provide "required to purchase issued that sign" material, should also be provided since before the date of the purchase of Nanjing within 2 years to pay a total of more than 1 years of tax or insurance certificate.

A large number of

eager to trade by "limit" in the new house, the first working day after the stampede in landing. Real estate archives from 9 am to take the number of points in the time of the morning, all of a sudden row of the number of the number of 11 in the middle of the road, the number of hours in the morning, the number of hours. Arrived at 7 in the morning, only to row number more than and 400. Is located in the Chinese Road No. 35 in the real estate trading center is also surging crowds, people need to queue audit in the visitor center to take a number, each transaction window for the relevant business peak, people queuing turn a few bends in the hall.

Chinese way "I love my home" real estate intermediary stores, brokers in the time to answer the phone, how to pay the first payment acceptance, no purchase qualifications, breach of contract consequence of consultation. Double limit after the upgrade, the secondary housing market immediately have a wait-and-see mood, the buyer is not active, the seller is not active, because the moment can not sell. Second-hand housing price phenomenon appeared and breach of contract. Another intermediary stores, said 6 days, there is no single transaction.

media practitioners under the name of a small two suites, want to sell the old buy new, after the relationship between her subscription to the north of the sea in September 30th, a new house in Xuanwu, when she is recommended

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