Prison play hard game was released from prison after winning 1 million 500 thousand dollars

After 15 years of playing cards in jail,

, a former drug dealer, won a prize of about $1 million 500 thousand after he was released from prison. Since then embarked on a millionaire road.

days before the Internet there was a strange man in prison card to win 1 million 500 thousand deeds Huobian network, and the man who is a drug dealer, was arrested after hooked on playing cards, after hard skills, 15 years in prison he had a good game, eventually he attended Borgata poker association the start, defeated more than 3 thousand opponents, winning $more than 210 thousand (about 1300000 RMB) bonus, this is the largest amount he won the "occupation career" in a pen.

from after dropping out of high school, he became a drug dealer at the age of 18, in the "envy and greed" driven by on the road of crime….

later, one of his hand in when the police arrested for him, not long after he was arrested the police, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison……


he saw the prisoner in the play the game, anyway idle is boring, he and the Gang said he wanted to learn

the first play, apparently by others will burst if they were in a complete mess. Candy chips marked the settlement of the case, he first played it lost $more than 7 thousand, it should pay tuition.

in prison, and he was able to learn many chiefs of art licensing, including a Columbia syndicate leader

this 15 years, he replaced several prisons in various underworld master temper, his hand had more slip.

"I became very famous, regardless of which I was transferred to prison, where people know a poker war coming."

when he was only 500 dollars, he wanted to try his game in the casino. Look at these days, people in the outside world to the prison to help veterans what is the difference between the

results, he found out who really are rookie.

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