How much is the cost of computer car wash shop

computer car wash shop investment costs? Now the car wash shop is very prosperous, followed by the development of the times, there is no opportunity to wash the car market, word of mouth, the dream of a good project, let us come to understand the following.

How much money / computer washing equipment

domestic computer washing machine manufacturers are numerous, there is a big gap between the various aspects of the quality, price and performance etc.. According to the classification of the price level, the existing computer washing machine in the domestic market can be roughly divided into 3 types. The price of low-end products in 30 thousand ~ 100 thousand yuan, the majority of such products will be assembled through a variety of ways to assemble, generally used to meet the basic needs of car wash. The price of products in the end of 100 thousand to $200 thousand in general, such products are generally used in key products imported parts, the quality is relatively reliable, can meet the needs of general automotive beauty shop or professional car wash shop. The price of high-end products is generally more than 200 thousand yuan, such products or core technology imported from abroad, or most of the components imported from abroad, and then assembled in the country, or purely imported. This kind of product failure rate is low, can meet the needs of large car washing chain corporation.

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