Small and medium cities entrepreneurial opportunities inventory

in fact for many small and medium cities entrepreneurs who, in a number of small and medium cities which have a lot of entrepreneurial prospects and business opportunities, but also do not have to go to some of the major cities of entrepreneurship.

wedding business

computer recycling

one yuan washing shop

now, chain store operating various brands of washing a lot, but the price is very high, for the general consumers, no high-grade clothes is not here, but many people are always busy for washing clothes and other work is not good or not to love, so breeding the washing industry demand, low price is a magic weapon to win at the same time, the cost will be relatively low.

repair shop

is a kind of repair shop Shiyibuque, ordinary people disdain, actually have market space. Repair shop outlets can be small, but the whole project to operate, such as the repair of the repair umbrella repair zipper, fill shoes, socks, etc.. More students movement, the larger the range of motion, it is inevitable to damage the shoes. Most of them are clumsy and clumsy, and will not mend themselves. These items are limited reserves, which is not missing any of the damage is often anxious to repair. The biggest characteristic of the repair shop is not because of the benefit of small, frequent purchase, so the most suitable for the disabled or elderly management.

in the small city and throughout the whole business are relatively wide, at the same time, small and medium-sized city business, also has a good business environment for entrepreneurial projects also have a lot of.


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