What are the taboos of successfully opening a restaurant

is now the domestic food industry comprehensive development, at the same time, with the improvement of living standards, there are also many different chowhound, all-round development of catering market, restaurant management to succeed, you need to have some idea, Xiaobian summarized to avoid the mistakes in your business.


A: the location is not fine, in the restaurant before the site without detailed analysis, and the current situation of the business success to the catering industry, the location error, lead to inaccurate positioning of late, have limited consumption, less people orientation factors.

Two: Restaurant structure planning, the layout is not in place, because there is no routine restaurant operations and daily operation of the restaurant structure to carry on the reasonable planning, layout, guide to the pre opening process is not smooth, the influence of operating.

Three: selection and pricing dislocation cuisine, for a district, the resident population and cuisine positioning dislocation, leading to the current consumption is not suitable for people, and later by or success.

eight: the quality of product features are not clear, no difference.


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