The top ten barbecue grill list

also let the arrival of summer summer barbecue intensified, street barbecue shops such as bamboo shoots after the rain appeared also confirms a barbecue franchise is wise, open a profitable barbecue franchise will know the ten barbecue stores have? Through a series of factors, characteristics, reputation, taste the image of Xiaobian summary of the ten national barbecue franchise for everyone to choose

a, Han Palace barbecue

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Project Description: Korean Han Palace kettle barbecue originated in South Korea palace secret, he used the formula and unique flavor, elegant environment to express their identity: noble, elegant, mellow, calm, always give people a long fragrance scent of the romance. Han Han Palace only

two, paper barbecue

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paper is a new form of barbecue grill, barbecue oven with paper is on the two floor, covered with special barbecue with white paper on paper with oil after smearing roughly evenly, the meat or other foods on the paper, after the electric heating, paper barbecue

three, Xi Shi barbecue

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Project Description: barbecue "Crazy" across the country, between the neighborhood, between men and women, between friends, colleagues will talk about topics associated with each day. We eat barbecue side for the boss a few notes! Today’s topic, transferred to Xi Shan barbecue join. The beauty of roast really so magical? Many

four, Taiwan barbecue chef

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with strong strength as entrepreneurs rely on, copy the Taiwan style barbecue advanced management concept and advanced technology, take it on the road to success, to create a real, low carbon, environmental protection, health, delicious barbecue brand.


Chan Xiang thinking barbecue

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Project Description: a star catering sector, a miracle in the food industry, it is a greedy barbecue Xiang thinking. Chan Xiang thinking barbecue, let you lead a person to endless aftertastes moreish. Chan Xiang thinking breaks through the traditional limitations of barbecue barbecue, creates new delicious. Chan Xiang thinking barbecue join earned, fire does not stop!

six, incense barbecue


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Project Description: when it comes to barbecue, everyone will remember

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