What are the methods of inventory management in clothing stores

clothing store operators often need to update the store inventory, and sometimes you can use promotional activities to stimulate consumption, reduce inventory, improve profitability. If you want to reduce inventory loss then there are those methods can refer to it? If you are troubled by this problem, find out the solution.

first, the price of clothing. On the one hand, the operator should be timely correction of the wrong price of clothing, etc. on the other hand, operators in the future inventory, should pay attention to the verification of clothing prices. Especially for high prices, accounting for a larger proportion of the cost of clothing, it is necessary to focus on verification.

second, the issue of special clothing. Operators should be in operation in the future, the discount clothing timely inventory and inventory, and pay attention to the inventory of special signs. The inventory, inventory can be kept at their first tick range and other goods inventory is completed, then the inventory.

third, due to the loss of clothing caused by routine operations, the operator needs to strengthen the management of all types of personnel. For example, the errors in the import and export of goods, errors in the form of documents, inventory errors and so on are the business ability of employees. To avoid, it is necessary to strengthen the training of staff’s business skills and business management, and even establish a certain incentive mechanism or assessment mechanism to regulate the operation of staff, improve the quality of inventory.

fourth, accidental causes of loss, such as fires, floods, etc., are generally considered to be abnormal losses, as can not be expected and avoided, the general business expenses. And moth eaten, rat bite, etc., require operators to pay attention to the details of the storage and cargo placement, and constantly improve the storage environment, in order to better maintain the quality of clothing.

fifth, the loss caused by human factors, to be treated differently. If it is the internal staff, should consider the quality of the staff, to strengthen the management of employees, if necessary, the individual behavior of the poor nature of the staff dismissed. If the customer is stealing, it is necessary to strengthen the safety management of clothing stores, warehouses and other places. If the supplier is a problem, the operator should mobilize the relevant data and evidence, timely communication with suppliers, and after the two sides agreed to reach a settlement agreement.

clothing store inventory is difficult for businesses, if you want to deal with inventory problems well can learn a lot of successful experience of others, Xiao Bian will not share experience here, if you are interested welcome to continue to pay attention to. Business needs to slowly find skills, I hope you can harvest.

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