Suspense name more easily attract people

curious psychology everyone has, and now a lot of people do business is to use the curiosity of consumers, so that the shop business better. In fact, the name of the shop can also use such a psychological, so that the store will be more attractive, and thus will make the shop business booming.

Hitchcock, director of the Hollywood

life in the manufacture of suspense, so he was called the father of suspense, he wrote the story of suspense is also popular in the world. He said that no one can be curious, no one can remain calm in front of suspense. This is a kind of psychology, like a wonderful story, to the most critical place to stop abruptly, leaving the audience back cold, emotional, just want to hear the outcome.

here, I mentioned Hitchcock because I think there is a foreign building in the name of the shop called "third steps", which is a novel with the same name of Hitchcock. In the name of the brand also specifically note on the steps of the symbol. A lot of people stopped in front of the shop and walked into the store. Sure enough, a door, is a small staircase, decorated with lights on the stairs are very special kerosene lamp, in front of a large theater like curtain.

guests will go up, go to the results of the third steps, the curtain will suddenly appear fluorescent words, turned out to be inside the commodity categories, of course, the guests will continue to have the name, suspense attract many guests with special on these settings. We should follow the example of this store. A suspenseful name can arouse people’s interest and curiosity, moreish.

if you run the commodity creative or DIY, can have such a name, because your target population is some love to play, love the creative people, so they can only cater to the method is more innovative, suspense than their more than they. Stimulate their curiosity, so that they have a desire to explore the impulse. This name is.

In addition to

, there is a simple way to create suspense, that is, the use of the store itself, so that the store and the name together to form a suspense. Last month, I went shopping with my friends and went to a small shop. This shop decoration shop called warm orange light, delicate, exquisite wallpaper, a look that is a let feel comfortable shop, but it is staggering — the name "ugly house", we looked at each other, on the inside, the original is a handmade cloth I shop. Are cats and dogs, and some dogs do not beautiful, but very cute. We bought a lot of small puppets that day, because it is very special.

then I looked at a bunch of small puppets in thought, if an ordinary toy store, I will go in? Maybe not. Why did I go in? Because the ugly house two words. Because the store was a >

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