What are the conditions for a pet hospital

this year, pet treatment are better than many of us treatment, also let the pet hospital become very hot in the industry, in fact, is not difficult to find, can not be denied that the pet hospital is profitable, now many families have pets, so don’t worry about making shop. But at the same time, open pet hospital risk is not small. It is understood that the general cost of opening a pet hospital investment in more than 200 thousand, or even millions. Large pet medical equipment is expensive. So, if you want to shop, but also check the character does not meet the conditions.

now the pet hospital is a common thing, why do you say that, now many people have their own small pets, they all love their pets, and now small pets have become important members of the family and live a happy life, of course, now small pets get sick is very normal, need to go to the pet hospital, first look at the conditions required.

pet hospital conditions:

1, open pet hospital not only need a veterinary card, but also have (small animal doctor) qualification, and have 3 years or more work experience.

2, before opening to the health, public security, taxation, Veterinary Bureau and other relevant departments for approval, approval period, it is recommended that you develop a sound management system as soon as possible and find out the necessary purchase channels.

3, open pet hospital conditions? The applicant needs to apply for a business license to the trade and Industry Bureau, the name of the specification for XX animal hospital or XX animal clinic (set level based on animal hospitals, clinics and other standards to determine.

4, to the local animal health and quarantine supervision station put forward the application for the establishment of the permit, the general steps are very busy, the initial application, can continue to apply. Need to prepare a written seasoning. Fill in the application form, the legal representative of the identity card; pet hospital address map, pre set animal hospital, clinic interior plan, veterinary certificate.

pet hospital profit space, a lot of people want to engage in such business, some matters needing attention in operation before have to tell you, before you open the pet hospital, first of all is to love pets, if you are allergic to pets, it is certainly not good hospital. There must be a small animal doctor qualification, preferably with work experience, so as to reduce the risk of shop. In short, want to pet hospital, the above conditions should be met.

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