Want to join Bibi how to do

famous foreign fast food brands are known as McDonald’s, kfc. So what do you know about McDonald’s in Korea? It is bibi. Such a brand is also a selection of food and beverage investors.

No.1 of South Korea as a professional cooking chicken restaurant, BBQ has a series of characteristics with South Korea’s chicken products: Chuncheon chicken, Korean barbecue, incense chicken wings, chicken and other vegetable sweet taste can let you become an independent school in today’s fierce competition in the catering industry. Many investors have locked the investment project, then join the customer what conditions?

join conditions:

1, a single shop to join:

carry out solo franchise business in Shanghai, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, the three provinces and one city without logistics warehouse. Other provinces and cities to join the need for small logistics warehouse.

2, regional general agent:

according to the size and population of the city, agency fees vary. Regional general agent must have a direct store, and logistics warehousing system.

how to join Bibi

join process:

1, who are interested can visit: join or communicate by telephone and other means to understand the specific situation of Bibi BBQ company joined. Welcome to join the intention to visit the headquarters.

2, after a preliminary understanding, the intention of the customer can be oral or written to the company to join the application.

3, the company to assess and analyze the basic situation of the applicant, to determine the eligibility of the applicant and signed with the "more than the intention to join the agreement".

4, the company will provide professional site selection and evaluation of the franchisee, with the franchisee to the specific market environment for research and planning.

5, in determining the region to join, the company will be in line with the principle of coexistence and win-win with the official signing of the franchisee "Bibi agent contract". Clearly define the rights and obligations of both sides, to create a good space for cooperation and win-win conditions.

6, signed the contract, that is, the beginning of the investigation, design, decoration phase of the franchise stores.

7, at the same time the shop decoration, shop equipment to start a unified procurement, and the new

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