Next month Zhejiang will focus on creating space for performance evaluation

public space for the creation of the public has an important role in promoting the creation of outstanding public space more obvious effect. From next month, Zhejiang trial public space performance appraisal system, the top 20 public space can be awarded each award $500 thousand.

"measures" that participate in the evaluation of the public record space must have certain conditions, including: at least have a construction area of 500 square meters above the fixed place, to provide business station more than 100, belonging to the lease place should guarantee 3 years effective period; the public record should have space for enterprises (team) to provide venture financing service function, establish or set up a customer oriented business cooperation contract (team) seed venture capital or investment funds, the amount of not less than 3 million yuan, the actual investment projects of more than 3.

The performance index of

for participation in the evaluation of the public record space, including the "measures" will be divided into 7 dimensions: cluster innovation entrepreneurs; provide technical innovation service; to provide business financing services; provide service entrepreneurial growth; the establishment of entrepreneurial guide teachers; entrepreneurship education and training activities other distinctive; successful entrepreneurial services.

for Small and micro businesses are weak, has important significance to support the role of the public record space. Standardize the public space management, improve the level of public space support, will be able to effectively promote the development of enterprises, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

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