Teach ndoorsman ndoorswoman can also achieve the entrepreneurial life

Internet era, more and more people like to stay at home, home economy has also brought a lot of opportunities, but they teach Indoorsman Indoorswoman chat can also become a business, bring considerable revenue.

The popularity of

amazing wealth!

to get from a "technology curtilage" transformed into "sunshine man", Wei Jie heap of books about flirting and dating studies abroad in a scouring, poring over the spare time. Every weekend, Wei Jie went to a public place to find a stranger approached. At first due to lack of experience, he made a lot of embarrassment, and even ridicule and abuse.

that adhere to the practice after two months, Wei Jie found his confidence, initiative to talk with people’s experience is more abundant. The spirit of good things should give you the idea of sharing, work, he opened a conversation on Taobao bookstore. Unexpectedly, after the opening attracted a lot of attention otaku, Wei Jie has become the eyes of netizens who approached the godfather".

by Taobao bookstore, Wei Jie also surprised to find that many young people are addicted to online network, ashamed of communication. Why not

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