Wang Kuan was elected China moved ten characters sing song raised 6 orphans

Henan Wang Kuan was elected in 2015 moved China’s annual figure. The actors at the national level for 17 years in their restaurant stores, raised 6 orphans in adults, and donations of more than one million yuan.

2 on the evening of 14, hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the TV to watch CCTV moved China, the annual awards ceremony of the people of the year 2015, to share the spirit of the annual feast". Recommended by the province of the 2015 moved to the Central Plains of the year – Wang Kuan was elected moved China, the figure of the year 2015. This is the fourteenth time Henan people stand on this stage.

17 restaurant "sing song" raising 6 orphans

"to return to the stage, put it down again when the human joys and sorrows; ye Niang, is the first generation of sages. For the homeless, you go to seventy elderly musicians; for the homeless, you bear bitter hardships for sixteen years; sixteen years, every year for three hundred and sixty days. Taiwan, Taiwan, said you desolate; you made an example for the world." This is the "moving China" to give Wang Kuan award.

need to transfer, the need to carry forward the warm love. Wang Kuan and his wife Wang Shurong, in retirement age, 17 years to raise 6 orphans bear bitter hardships adult love story touched the community. His story by the Henan and the country after a number of media reports, many users have for this loving family point like, blessing. Last November, Wang Kuan was the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of civil affairs and other six ministries and the China Charity Federation awarded the "China Charity Award", one of the hundreds of philanthropist, is my only award people. At the end of December last year, Wang Kuan was nominated for the 2015 annual "moved China" candidate.

from Yikusitian with bitter Gong Gan "Wang Kuan family" moved hundreds of millions of viewers

the ceremony, Wang Kuan and his wife Wang Shurong support with each other on the podium, and accepted an exclusive interview with host Bai Yansong.

"Yikusitian, All sufferings have their reward." and Bai Yansong said, see the two old people he thought of these two words.

Wang Shurong mind flashed back to the past: her old mother sick to go under the overpass to sell cigarettes to supplement household; children’s shoes are worn out their own taciturnly fixed a circle; for she always save money to buy some afternoon to sell the rest of the cheap food……

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