nnovation and Entrepreneurship of college students four questions and answers four

entrepreneurship has a lot of questions is very normal, they lack the experience, more problems of course need to ask the following is the creation and innovation of college students four asked four answer, let’s take a look!

A: innovation concept of university environment not only confined to the field of science and technology. Generally, innovation is the system and method of creating, discovering and exploring new practices to create better products and services, as well as better management and organization. Innovation development of innovative university, can be the following aspects: organization and leadership development initiatives of the new teaching method, practice, development of knowledge organization and project, the internal and external stakeholders participate in interdisciplinary activities, explore new research, practice methods and applications.

Innovation success is

second Q: university really need to become more innovative?


third Q: the traditional mode of university is facing what major challenges?

A: in the past 20 years, the British government funding for higher education to become increasingly clear, will require correlation between scientific research and teaching and the promotion of economic growth, social mobility, technological innovation and employability closely recommended

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