Open a hot pot shop needs to be prepared in advance

yellow leaves the autumn wind, cold weather conditions, the appetite of people began to increase, Hot pot business into the season, the enthusiasm of investors to open Hot pot shop. Hot pot shop to do a good job in preparation, entrepreneurs if sufficient preparation before, then success will be twice the result with half the effort.

, prepare a site: if you want to open the general class snack shop, should choose the flow of the local population, if the resident population is more should choose a restaurant, Hot pot shop where


two, ready to open to fully understand the surrounding consumption level, reasonable pricing.

three, for decoration is very learned, if you drive a pasta, snack shop, especially at the station, wharf opened this kind of store decoration can not be too good, middle class best. In short, fresh on the line! If it is open hot pot shop, ventilation is very important. There is a lamp selection, pasta shop should choose white light, and should choose warm Hot pot dishes, this is very important, don’t ask why? For a long time you will know!

four, to about the size, first of all to see how popularity around, but try bigger funds permitting. Especially in the same area with the same type of store to be large! If it is a shortage of funds, it is recommended that you give up! Do not ask me why, which involves something too Dora, after slowly and we pull!

five, prepared about main materials and auxiliary materials, materials with not too good, but also not too bad. Don’t ask why. However, accessories, is what the seasoning ah, we must use the best, especially hot pot accessories must use the best, do not be afraid of your


six, on the preparation of early publicity, especially the large open stores, or stores Hot pot early publicity is very important! Can be 15-20 days in advance publicity began, it is best to launch its own staff to promote can pull, there is no need to report or TV! Propaganda way: advice customized tissue distribution very cheap, no more than 2 cents a pack, please add to the surrounding community elderly yangko dance or drum team, along with the publicity around a few days


seven, prepared a: This is a boss and quasi owners advice, adhere to the advantages of the suspect not, employers do not suspect the principle. But I suggest you don’t rely on someone


eight, to fully grasp the surrounding consumer mind, take it in suburban areas such as Hot pot to highlight the dishes taste component, to highlight the spicy fresh, in the urban areas than the downtown area should be color, style, taste delicious dishes to highlight the sweetness, and the distinctive taste of his


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