30 years old can start

many people want to accumulate more wealth, rich social experience and a little, so wait, until he really has the condition of entrepreneurship in their minds when has no passion, so entrepreneurs can only be self always a mark has in mind. Here, Xiao Bian appeal: 30 years old, you can start a business!

30 years old is the best age of entrepreneurship, and now if you are in the right age, then you can consider entrepreneurship. Because life is 30 years old this golden line is the best age to start a business at this time, you, the social network has been a lot of accumulation, there will be a certain amount of savings, if there is the idea of entrepreneurship on the move!

30 years old, it is the pursuit of "middle class" good time. Business has been gradually on track, work began to be reused, well done has climbed to the middle or the management, the quality of life has stabilized, the prospect of human life gradually clear, as long as efforts continue to steady, 50 years old, 70 years after the good life now can see. This is the "middle class" – the vast majority of people are going or will go on the road.

2005 in June 25th, Guangzhou City Ring Road a blue grey commercial building, 9 floor, Saturday in the office of the busy Che Guangping side to greet reporters, while full of gas on the phone said: "we want to do first, then bigger!" he looks a bit like a Pentium 40 people.

in reality as they do, willing to put down everything, middle-aged people again, in fact, more than we imagined. According to a survey by the Zhongguancun Administrative Committee of Beijing, in the Zhongguancun science and technology park is mostly middle-aged entrepreneurs, the average age of 38 years old, of which the proportion of people over the age of the largest, reaching 58.01%. It may be that society is more tolerant and more human than ever before, and everyone can choose their own living space.

in middle age to live for yourself

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