After 80 college students to create zero cost business

In fact,

business is not to say that must be very strong cost, or a lot of experience, it is important that you are willing to start, willing to try, there are a lot of small businesses can also change the status quo of a person’s success, if you don’t know what to choose small projects, this project is very good, look at today’s story.

last century at the beginning of 80s, Wu Lijie was born in Zhejiang County, Wenzhou Taishun. His home in the depths of the mountains, to the city to climb over a lot of mountains, foreign drivers simply did not dare to drive away the cliff road. When he was a child, he had never been out of the mountains. His family was very poor. As a result of indulging in their own interests, his cultural achievements are not very good. In 2000, he failed to enter the Central Academy of fine arts, and finally entered the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University School of design.

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